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Internet Connection Issues, Wireless Issues, or Data Card Issues

Caution and/or care should be used when selecting your internet connection. Our courses (for pre-licensing and/or continuing education) are timed and cannot be "sped up". If you are on a slower connection, such as dial-up, the course could potentially take longer to complete do to loading times.

Wireless signals are subject to interference, especially if you are outside of the structure where the source of the signal is or are a significant distance from the source. Data card connections (through your cell phone provider) are not encouraged to be used.

We can only track progress as long as you are connected to the internet. If you lose your internet connection, we are not able to place you back at the screen you looked at. If you are using one of the above types of connections, we encourage you to complete entire course chapters/sections at a time (not the entire course, just the particular section you are working on).